All Pets Go to Heaven: The Spiritual Lives of the Animals We Love

Written by:
Sylvia Browne
Narrated by:
Jeanie Hackett

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2009
6 hours 26 minutes
America's leading psychic shares heartwarming, tear-jerking tales about the role of our beloved pets on the Other Side. It's said that pets don't have souls. World-famous spiritual guide and psychic Sylvia Browne knows better. Drawing on 40 years of research and stories, she explains how animals "live" after death on the Other Side. She also reveals how animals fit into creation, the purpose of pets in our lives, how we will see our deceased pets in the afterlife, and how living animals see spirits. Pets have personalities, habits, and quirks. They exhibit never-ending loyalty and comic behavior, and they are capable of heroic deeds. We need no longer fear that we will never see them again after death. Featuring moving tales about pets across the country and around the world, All Pets Go to Heaven reassures animal lovers that pets do, indeed, have souls.
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Debra C.

Interesting book. Would have been better with less of the author’s’ esoteric comments, and more fully addresses what the title said it was about

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