All The While

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2021
7 hours 5 minutes
They say time heals all wounds. They lie.

Especially my brother's best friend, Zack. Because my brother is dead and that's a wound that will never heal. I'm dealing the best I can, numbing my pain with alcohol and sex of the random variety. Until Zack literally runs into me on Boathouse Row in Philadelphia and takes matters into his own hands. He intervenes in my life and offers a new coping strategy: himself.

His unexpected friendship, brimming with concern and thoughtfulness, affects me. Soon, an attraction I can't deny erupts into a desire I'm desperate to act on. But I can't fall for my brother's best friend.

Not now.

And definitely not after I learn the truth about Adrian's death.

Contains mature themes.
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