An Almost Ordinary Man

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2023
21 hours 55 minutes
The stockbroker and psychopath Christopher Silfverbielke has no scruples, he is cunning, manipulative and takes what he wants, be it money, drugs or life.

Hans Ecker is Christopher's best - and perhaps only - friend. On the verge of a serious relationship with Veronica, but not ready to let go of the sweet life of champagne, chicks and cocaine.

Johannes Kruut is a rich man's son who is allowed to join the gang, eager to please and good to have on hand when the bar bills get too high.

When million dollar accounts, champagne, sex and cocaine are no longer enough, the three men cross the line in their pursuit of excitement and pleasure. With Silfverbielke as the manipulative mastermind, they embark on a crime spree that escalates resulting in murder.

The cat-and-mouse game between Commissioner Jacob Colt and the trio becomes the kick Silfverbielke has been looking for, the proof of his superiority.
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Kept me on edge and wanting to get to the next twist. A lot of character fluff but you got to know the characters well. Did not end the way I wanted but that's life. Anxious for the sequel.

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Story kept me guessing how it would end all the way through. A lot of characters and some of their stories weren’t necessary to the plot. I enjoyed this book.

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Super Sapper

Absolutely Super Book! From start to finish kept you enthralled in the story and plot. The characters are superb and the narration was awesome too bringing the characters to life.

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