The Alpha Experiment

Written by:
Eliot Grayson
Narrated by:
Chris Chambers

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2021
10 hours 3 minutes
Brilliant geneticist Newton McEwen, the only human in a family of werewolves, has devoted his life to researching the scientific key to shifter magic. Now he's being blackmailed and his life's work is threatened if he can't produce results.

Alpha werewolf Colin Kimball is a newly-minted pack leader with a mountain of responsibilities, but when his lifelong best friend tells him he needs help, Colin drops everything to run to his aid. But Newt's not just looking for a brawny bodyguard to watch his back-he needs help with an experiment, one he can't carry out alone.

Out of academically approved methods, and desperate to accelerate his research, Newt's trying a last-ditch approach, with himself as the test subject. And the very alpha Colin as the catalyst.

Determined to succeed, Newt's willing to get up close and personal with Colin as many times as it takes. Only feelings weren't a variable logic-minded Newt took into account. Now not only is Newt's career on the line, his most important relationship is at stake. Can they outwit Newt's blackmailer and move on from their experimentation . . . or will they lose the friendship that means everything to them?

Contains mature themes.
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I absolutely loved this sweet opposites attract paranormal romance! Newton and Colin were adorable together and I loved the chemistry between them. This was a fun and interesting listen I loved the budding relationship between Newt and Collin. This was one that of my favorites in the series and I recommend listening to this one in the series order for maximum enjoyment. The narrator performed an enthusiastic Audio delivery and narration. A definite recommend.

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