The Alphabet Versus the Goddess: The Conflict Between Word and Image

Written by:
Leonard Shlain
Narrated by:
Norman Dietz

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2017
24 hours 8 minutes
Who changed the sex of God?

This groundbreaking book proposes that the rise of alphabetic literacy reconfigured the human brain and brought about profound changes in history, religion, and gender relations. Making remarkable connections across brain function, myth, and anthropology, Dr. Shlain shows why pre-literate cultures were principally informed by holistic, right-brain modes that venerated the Goddess, images, and feminine values. Writing drove cultures toward linear left-brain thinking and this shift upset the balance between men and women, initiating the decline of the feminine and ushering in patriarchal rule. Examining the cultures of the Israelites, Greeks, Christians, and Muslims, Shlain reinterprets ancient myths and parables in light of his theory. Provocative and inspiring, this book is a paradigm-shattering work that will transform your view of history and the mind.
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Andreas G.

The author poses interesting ideas, but ultimately falls short of providing convincing evidence for his arguments. Basically all of it relies on a simplistic model of a left-brain/right-brain dichotomy , which I believe has largely been discredited, and then tries to cram all of history into this paradigm. He presents a lot of interesting ideas and he is an engaging narrator, but ultimately he plays pretty loose with the evidence to support his claims.

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Colleen O.

This brilliant surgeon had such a creative and inquisitive mind. His books were always well crafted combinations of facts, facile story telling, curiosity and investigation leading to really paradigm changing views on the subject of each of his books. He’s an all-time favorite author of mine.

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