The Amazon Self Publisher: How to Sell More Books on Amazon

The Amazon Self Publisher: How to Sell More Books on Amazon

Written by:
Dale L. Roberts
Narrated by:
Dale L. Roberts
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2021
7 hours 4 minutes
You wrote the book.

And now it’s published.

But you’re not getting any sales! What gives?!

Most people would have you believe self-publishing on Amazon is easy. Yet, why aren’t you seeing the results they claim you should get?

Your lack of book sales comes down to 3 culprits:

- Keywords
- Marketing and promotion
- Book reviews

It’s time you put all your self-publishing woes to bed and finally increase your book sales for good.

Enter The Amazon Self-Publisher series.

You’ll learn:

- The secrets to keyword research and selection
- Cheap yet effective book promotions
- How to get book reviews the legit way
- Where Amazon Advertising will serve your book best

And hundreds of powerful insights!

You’ll love learning all about Amazon self-publishing, because once you discover proven strategies in self-publishing, your life will change for the good.

Get it now!

Note: This is the compilation of Amazon Keywords for Books, Promotional Strategies for Books, and Amazon Reviews for Books.

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