The American Constitution 101

Written by:
David L. Hudson
Narrated by:
David L. Hudson
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2019
9 hours 46 minutes
A captivating 24-lecture audio series on the U.S. Constitution by award-winning law professor David L. Hudson Jr.

Written more than two hundred years ago, the Constitution remains the backbone of American government and an example of freedom and democracy the world over. Once called the "Miracle at Philadelphia," it remains America's vital governing force today.

Join Prof. Hudson to learn how and why this foundational document came to be and how it has been interpreted and applied to all facets of American life. As Janis Adams Kyser, Director of the Tennessee Center for Civic Learning and Engagement, writes, "His true gift is educating students, educators, professors, and citizens on the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, and American liberties.... I could write for hours about the qualities of David Hudson."

Your audio course will begin in the summer of 1787, as the Founding Fathers met to revise the Articles of Confederation, then explore the ratification process and James Madison's championing of the Bill of Rights. After considering pivotal moments in constitutional history, including later amendments and influential periods of the Supreme Court, you'll explore contemporary ramifications of the First Amendment as well as the articles of impeachment.

Through captivating lectures, you'll not only learn how the Constitution was formed, but travel through history to see how it has shaped U.S. politics ever since. You'll see powerful examples of how the Constitution ensured that the United States would be governed by the rule of law.

After listening to this series, you'll have a greater appreciation for the sweaty work that forged the Constitution, as well as the document's role throughout U.S. history. Don't miss this chance to engage more fully with the work that changed the United States forever.

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J Carlos S.

The initiated and the one that wants to go beyond the headlines of this important document you will find in the book a source of great information explained in a way that makes the sessions compelling and fruitful.

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I really enjoyed the initial history of the founding father's discussions and debates behind the writing of the Constitution. However, the author showed his bias towards the end of the book when discussing the role of the Supreme Court. He applauded the sweeping decisions of the Courts during the 1960s and 70s, yet failed to admonish the more recent court decisions that have legislated laws from the bench...according to how the justices WISH the laws were written, instead of preserving what the Constitution actually says. Yes, we needed the amendments to make our civil liberties more clear and to include race and gender. However, there are many who would rather just re-interpret the Constitution from now on, rather than trust the majority of the people to amend it. It was clear that the author doesn't agree.

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Very thorough, interesting and easy to follow

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David G.

To much on legal cases

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