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An American Life

Abridged Audiobook

Written By: Ronald Reagan

Narrated By: Ronald Reagan

Date: July 2004

Duration: 8 hours 20 minutes


Don’t miss one of our greatest presidents’ bestselling autobiographies in his own words. Ronald Reagan’s story is a work of major historical importance, a narrative that The Washington Times calls “one of our classic American success stories.”

Few presidents have accomplished more, or been so effective in changing the direction of government in ways that are both fundamental and lasting, than Ronald Reagan. Certainly no president has more dramatically raised the American spirit, or done so much to restore national strength and self-confidence.

Here, then, is a truly American success story—a great and inspiring one. From modest beginnings as the son of a shoe salesman in Tampico, Illinois, Ronald Reagan achieved first a distinguished career in Hollywood and then, as governor of California and as president of the most powerful nation in the world, a career of public service unique in our history.

Ronald Reagan’s account of that rise is told here with all the uncompromising candor, modesty, and wit that made him perhaps the most able communicator ever to occupy the White House, and also with the sense of drama of a gifted natural storyteller.

He tells us, with warmth and pride, of his early years and of the elements that made him, in later life, a leader of such stubborn integrity, courage, and clear-minded optimism. Reading the account of this childhood, we understand how his parents, struggling to make ends meet despite family problems and the rigors of the Depression, shaped his belief in the virtues of American life—the need to help others, the desire to get ahead and to get things done, the deep trust in the basic goodness, values, and sense of justice of the American people—virtues that few presidents have expressed more eloquently than Ronald Reagan.

With absolute authority and a keen eye for the details and the anecdotes that humanize history, Ronald Reagan takes the reader behind the scenes of his extraordinary career, from his first political experiences as president of the Screen Actors Guild (including his first meeting with a beautiful young actress who was later to become Nancy Reagan) to such high points of his presidency as the November 1985 Geneva meeting with Mikhail Gorbachev, during which Reagan invited the Soviet leader outside for a breath of fresh air and then took him off for a walk and a man-to-man chat, without aides, that set the course for arms reduction and charted the end of the Cold War.

Here he reveals what went on behind his decision to enter politics and run for the governorship of California, the speech nominating Barry Goldwater that first made Reagan a national political figure, his race for the presidency, his relations with the members of his own cabinet, and his frustrations with Congress.

He gives us the details of the great themes and dramatic crises of his eight years in office, from Lebanon to Grenada, from the struggle to achieve arms control to tax reform, from Iran-Contra to the visits abroad that did so much to reestablish the United States in the eyes of the world as a friendly and peaceful power. His narrative is full of insights, from the unseen dangers of Gorbachev’s first visit to the United States to Reagan’s own personal correspondence with major foreign leaders, as well as his innermost feelings about life in the White House, the assassination attempt, his family—and the enduring love between himself and Mrs. Reagan.

An American Life is a warm, richly detailed, and deeply human book, a brilliant self-portrait, a significant work of history.


  • John V

    Awesome to hear it in his voice. Although I wish it was longer, kinda left me wanting more.

  • Brooke Wano

    Such a cool experience to hear the man himself recount his memories. Highly recommended.

  • Hilda Maurera

    Great and aspiring. I was born in the early 80's and grew up with conservative ideas and values from immigrant parents. Love President Reagan and wish we had such leadership today.

  • Daniel Berry

    Great book!

  • Anonymous

    Most enjoyable! A pleasure to listen to from start to finish.

  • Anonymous

    It was so great to hear Reagan's voice again. It brought back great memories. How we need someone like him again! It should be required reading (listening) for students today. Truly a great American!

  • Denise Rose

    My workout at the gym was worth while in two aspects..I was learning something and getting fit at the same time. It was good to hear Ronald Reagan's perspective on accounts that happened when I was too young to remember or care.

  • Anonymous

    This book was very enjoyable. It was easy to get through and very interesting to hear the intimate details of Ronald Reagan's career as President in his own voice. I always loved Ronald Reagan but after hearing this book, I love him even more. I think he was a "unique" type of politician and a very loving man.

  • Patrick Carmichael

    The book sort of meanders and just briefly touches most of the subject matter but to hear this story read by President Reagan himself is worth the price of admission.

  • Elizabeth Markman

    I always liked Ronald Reagan, and now I like him even more. His love for his country, his deep convictions, his vision and his hope all shine through his reading of the text. Reagan's comfortable manner made me feel like I was listening to an old friend talking to me personally, rather than a former president reading his autobiography. I only gave the book three stars because it is not a literary masterpiece. More skilled writers might have expressed themselves in a more polished manner. But even so, this book is not a disappointment, because it feels like a friendly chat which doesn't need any "polish."

American Life

by Ronald Reagan

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American Life, Ronald Reagan
American Life, Ronald Reagan
This title is due for release on July 1, 2004.

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American Life, Ronald Reagan
This title is due for release on July 1, 2004
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American Life, Ronald Reagan
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American Life, Ronald Reagan

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