American Presidents Series: (11 lectures)

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Eugene Lieber

Narrated By: Eugene Lieber

Publisher: IAB Inc.

Date: June 2006

Duration: 0 hours 45 minutes


American Presidents Series

Young Nation, Part 1: Selected theme: As the first constitutional president with no established guidelines to follow, what standards did Washington set which have very significant influence on future presidents of the US down to our time?

Young Nation, Part 2: Selected theme: During Madison’s presidency what is the surprise ending of the disastrous War of 1812 which lets the US to ignore its lessons that come back to haunt the US in later generations?

Sectionalism: Selected theme: Why is Lincoln’s election in 1860 a fluke, and how does President Buchanan’s ineptness in the period before Lincoln takes office profoundly affect the nature of the Civil War?

Early Industrial Era: Selected theme: How is the election of 1876 stolen from Samuel Tilden, and why the Compromise of 1877, which is part of the deal, all but ends the moral issue of concern for the ex-slaves?

Progressive Era, Part 1: Selected theme: After winning “that splendid little war,”
the Spanish-American War, how did the terms, “concentration camp” and “pacification” first emerge in the brutal 2 year Filipino guerilla war against US occupation?

Progressive Era, Part 2: Selected theme: At the outbreak of World War I, why does President Wilson’s call for U.S. neutrality in thought as well as action can be seen as somewhat dishonest and open to question?

Depression, Part 1: Selected theme is: What tarnishes President Hoover’s large reputation as a humanitarian in his role as head of the distribution of food to starving Europeans after World War I?

Depression, Part 2: Selected theme: Why does the statement that it is only the start of World War II that ends the Depression, have profound meaning for that time, and for all time of history from that day to this?

Hot War & Cold War, Part 1. Selected theme: What is the argument, which has profound moral implications, that President Truman used the atomic bombs against Japan for other than military reasons?

Hot War & Cold War, Part 2. Selected theme is: In Vietnam, what did President Kennedy do that President Eisenhower would not do, and what was the turning point early in the war that led to escalation?

America as Superpower: Selected theme: Why are the 1980s, associated with the Reagan presidency, a vital turning point in U.S. history, and its events color our nation to the present day and into the future?

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American Presidents Series: (11 lectures)

by Eugene Lieber

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