American Presidents Series: Young Nation

Written by:
Eugene Lieber
Narrated by:
Eugene Lieber

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2006
2 hours 5 minutes
1. George Washington, 1788-1796, 2 terms. He is charismatic yet personally aloof. He wages a guerilla warfare, outlasts the British to victory. He rejects royal image. He supports Hamilton's controversial policies which put the U.S. on firm financial footing. He opposes entangling alliances, a cornerstone of foreign policy for over 100 years. He frees most of his slaves at his death. (19.30.00) = 2. John Adams, 1796-1800. He lacks charisma but is a brilliant original political thinker. He defends British soldiers who are on trial for the Boston Massacre. He is a one-term president. The passage of the Alien & Sedition Act is a low point. His resistance to popular war fever against France avoids disaster and is the high point.. (31.44.00) = 3. Thomas Jefferson, 1800-1816, 2 terms. He fights to free slaves in Colonial Virginia and Northwest Territories, but does not free his own slaves at his death. He writes the Declaration of Independence. He argues against a strong federal government, but uses federal power when necessary. He backs the States Rights Doctrine that states can reject federal law.

4. James Madison, 1809-1817, 2 terms. He is the author of the Constitution, with its separation of powers. The Bill of Rights is to come later. He launches the disastrous War of 1812. (16.08.00) = 5. James Monroe, 1818-1825, 2 terns. He is a supporter of states' rights as a balance to federal power. He wants a strong federal government f to encourage business. The Monroe Doctrine rejects European colonization in the Western Hemisphere but sets an expansionist policy for the future. (26.57.00) = 6. John Quincy Adams, 1825-1829, 1 term. . Adams' probable role in the Monroe Doctrine while Secretary of State. He is a nationalist, rises above sectional differences, believes in a strong federal role, support for the business community, major advocate for federal role in the infrastructure (37.37.00) = 7. Andrew Jackson, 1929-1837, 2 terms. Hero of Battle of New Orleans. He is from frontier state, Tennessee, he loves to kill Indians ( = 8. Martin Van Buren, 1837-1841, 1 term. He is blamed for the 1837 depression, initiated by Jackson's economic policies. ( = 9. William H. Harrison, 1841, 1 term. He dies of pneumonia 30 days after inauguration ( = 10. John Tyler, 1841-1845, 1 term. . He succeeds Harrison. He is a Southern slaveholder,
American Presidents Series: Young Nation
This title is due for release on June 15, 2006.

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American Presidents Series: Young Nation
This title is due for release on June 15, 2006
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American Presidents Series: Young Nation
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American Presidents Series: Young Nation

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