The American: Previously published as A Very Private Gentleman

Written by:
Martin Booth
Narrated by:
Geoffrey Howard

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2010
10 hours 1 minute
The locals in the southern Italian town where he lives call him Signor Farfalla—Mr. Butterfly—for he is a discreet gentleman who paints rare butterflies. His life is inconspicuous—mornings spent brushing at a canvas, afternoons idling in the cafes, and evenings talking with his friend, the town priest, over a glass of brandy.

Yet there are other sides to this gentleman’s life: Clara, the young student who moonlights in the town bordello, and another woman, who arrives with one hundred thousand dollars and a commission—but not for a painting of butterflies.

With this assignment returns the dark fear that has dogged Signor Farfalla’s mysterious life. Almost instantly, he senses a deadly circle closing in on him, one which he may or may not elude.

Part thriller, part character study, part drama of deceit and self-betrayal, The American shows Martin Booth at the very height of his powers.
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Lesley C.

Really enjoyed this book, although I was maybe slightly spoiled by watching the movie but the ending was better in the book

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Disappointed Moviegoer

My husband and I watched the movie with George Clooney before I listened to the book. I almost didn't bother after sitting through the most boring, actionless, confused waste of film ever to win an Oscar...or whatever it was the movie supposedly won. I don't see how unless the critics didn't watch it. Anyway, I relunctantly started listening to the book the other night and I was expecting some differences but I was amazed at all the details that suddenly made the whole plot make sense. I was also very surprised by the ending which is TOTALLY different from the movie. All-in-all, I enjoyed the book and just goes to further prove my personal theory that if there is a movie based on a the book.

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