American Wars Series: World War II

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Eugene Lieber

Narrated By: Eugene Lieber

Publisher: IAB Inc.

Date: June 2006

Duration: 1 hours 52 minutes


Prelude to WW II. . The Versailles Treaty is the prelude to WW II. (2.01.00) = The Rise of Fascism. (4.31.00) = Why not here or England? Why fascism did not take hold in America and England. (7.02.00) = Fascism is beyond totalitarianism. (8.39.00) = Fascism and the Great Depression. (9.26.00) = Fascism and racism. (16.09.00) = U.S. and the rise of Germany. (23.02.00) = The Spanish Civil War. (28.40.00) = Events leading to war. (34.20.00) = The Soviet-Nazi Non-Aggression Pact. (35.37.00) = The start of the war. The Phony War Period. The blitzkrieg. (36.35) = England stands alone. (40.21.00) = The role of the U.S. (41.25.00) = Japan's ambitions. The need for Japan to expand in Asia. Militarisms of the 3 axis powers. (44.24.00) = The Pearl Harbor attack controversy. (46.36.00) = U.S. neutrality. (48.48.00) = U.S. at War dealing with 2 enemies.

Germany is main enemy. Why is Germany seen as the greater danger than Japan? (6.34.000) = Internment of Japanese-Americans was racist. (8.37.00) = Multiple ironies of the German invasion of Russia. (13.07.00) = The Second Front - effects of alternatives. (23.00.00) = Impact of Timing of Second Front - what if? (25.25.00) = Role of Fuel, the Battle of the Bulge on War's End. (27.58.00) = Yalta Conference, the beginning of the Cold War. (33.47.26) = The AtomicBomb, hot war, cold war. (49.39.00) = The Cold War, NotStarted by FDR But by Truman.


American Wars Series: World War II

by Eugene Lieber

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American Wars Series:  World War II, Eugene Lieber