Amidst the Feminism Quest: Embark on An Empowering Journey of Women’s Courage, Valor, Dignity, Strength and True Wilderness!

Written by:
Israa Hilles
Narrated by:
Timothy Burke

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2021
3 hours 18 minutes
Arya took her first step towards her dream, and she was able to get
permission to live with her brother in another city to do work. Raj was always busy with his work, so he didn't pay much attention to Arya. She started her studies in a government college to save money for further studies. She did some part-time jobs to pay for her expenses. Within the next two years, she topped her exams and got a foreign scholarship for her other studies in Canada. The journey of her success begins.

There was a seminar at Heba's school at which she had to deliver a speech. The chief guests were some foreigners and some of her own countries’ politicians. Her speech and confidence level make her extraordinary and allow her to be a professional motivational speaker. Her family supported her, but her father did not. Still, she took advantage and flew to Canada.
Elizabeth tried to implement some new ideas in the business but faced much disappointment. She decided to complete her master's in Business and is still trying to implement something new. For this reason, she was admitted to a foreign university in Canada and moved there.
Bahati work was so efficient and hardworking that to her boss decided to send her to get some training in another city. She did not know what was waiting for her but still agreed. After returning, there was the usual perfection in her work, which led the boss to ?? complete her studies and be a professional advocate of humanities issues. The company did have the policy to pay all the employee's expenses, if they think the employee can be more successful, and so Bahati was given this chance. She flew to Canada and got her training there, along with gets admitted to a well-known university.
Julia's children were old enough to leave home. She had nothing to do at that time, so she started working on her dreams in her leisure time. Unfortunately, her husband got ill and was diagnosed with cancer. She took him to Canada for his treatment; at the same time, she continued her practice there. One day while she was practicing, a couch saw her running. He offered her a job. She was happy that at least she got a chance to prove herself.
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