An Audio Bundle: Blood Hunger & The Breathing Dead

Written by:
A.M. Esmonde
Narrated by:
Sarah Leigh , Paul Rees

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2022
4 hours 20 minutes
BLOOD HUNGER: In the year 1477AD, Baron Wilton Abrahams tracked down the last of the Dracul brothers, Stellan, and on a snow-covered mountain in Romania, drove a stake into him, sending him tumbling over the edge. While Stellan’s body lay frozen, the brides of the Dracul were forced to flee their ancient castle and the rest of their kind met their fate at the deadly hands of vampire hunter, Abrahams. Five-hundred years later, explorer Max Lowe and his team make a discovery, dubbed the 'Ice Prince.' The find is significant enough to put him and girlfriend Lucia Ferrara in the media spotlight. But the world’s press are not the only ones interested in the frozen body. In particular, old friends of the ‘Ice Prince.’ And so ends their centuries of blood abstinence as they unleash terror on humankind, leaving a trail of death from London to the Welsh countryside of the UK. From the fall of the vampire and the Dracul brothers in medieval Europe to their return in the present day. Prepare yourself, their first bite will be your last! THE BREATHING DEAD, a zombie tale, follows Karen, Jane, Sam and House fighting for survival in Farmore. In world where being dead no longer means the end, time is running out for the human race...
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