Angel Fire

Written by:
Ron Franscell
Narrated by:
Kent Kimball

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2012
10 hours 22 minutes
A modern classic that continues to gather a loyal readership, ANGEL FIRE is a haunting tale of two brothers on separate odysseys of self-discovery. Twenty-four years after war correspondent Daniel McLeod is killed in a Viet Cong ambush, his only brother Cassidy is mysteriously drawn to their Wyoming hometown, where he must confront a lifetime of his own ghosts. Their story is about how we seek equilibrium, a delicate balance between memory and the unknown, dislocation and homecoming, loss and restoration. Set against the deceptive simplicity of a small town on the high plains, Angel Fire is a story of mythic proportions. It resonates with the rhythms of tales told for millennia, but they are written anew here, fresh as a Wyoming summer breeze. It resonates with the rhythms of a small town, the blessings of memory, and the pain of loss.
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Cynthia Marlette

Wow, what a riveting book. I wasn't prepared for some of the descriptions of extremely disturbing situations, and it was hard to listen in some sections. But the story wouldn't have been as powerful without those portrayals. Franscel is an amazing writer who knows how to keep the reader/listener engaged with sometimes haunting descriptions. His words are brought to life by talented narrator Kent Kimball with the perfect voice for this story. He skillfully changes his tone and style for the individual characters, giving each one a believable personality and soul. Excellent book…

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