Anger Bang

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2023
8 hours 45 minutes
Sometimes you just need to bang it out …

Shy paleontologist Thea Pope just wants to get through her sister's '80s-themed monstrosity of a TV reality-show wedding so she can get to her summer field work. The only problem? Her sister has turned into the ultimate bridezilla—as in pink parasols, organza hats,
forcing people to shave and dye their hair levels of over-the-top, it's-my-day antics—all while on location in a place literally called hell that reeks of sulfur and lost hopes.

The only thing that can make it worse is when her sister declares that she never even wanted Thea in the wedding at all but that the producers insisted. Ouch doesn't begin to express how much it hurts that her own sister didn't even want her to be at her wedding.

There's only one thing Thea can do after her sister finally pushes her too far—she picks the one man at the wedding her sister cannot stand—the groom's brother, Kade St. James—and has sex with him.

Is it petty revenge that she'll be rubbing in her sister's face from now until eternity? Absolutely. Still, it seems like a great idea at the time, and really what could go wrong?

Pretty much everything it turns out.
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Such a fun read! I enjoyed the character development of not only Thea and Kade, but of their siblings too. The dash of free therapy was the cherry on top!

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Easy and enjoyable listening

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Narrator wasn’t bad but could not get into the story or connect with the characters.

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Karen R.

Another great Avery Flynn book! Kirsten Leigh and Lance Greenfield brought Thea and Kade to life perfectly. Five stars!

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The perfect mix - hilarious, steamy and heartwarming Oh my goodness. I loved this opposites attract, fish out of water, wedding disaster, finding your voice romance. Thea and Kade are the best hot, adorkable and wounded souls together in this heartwarming and emotional romance. They are portrayed beautifully as real, relatable people who have flaws, but are really trying to just do their best as messy humans. Thea is former child star turned paleontologist who has trouble standing up for herself. She has been roped in to being a bridesmaid at her actress sister’s reality show 80s themed wedding. Kade is a well known author of true crime books whose brother is the groom at the wedding. He has also been roped into the week long wedding craziness. Learning that her sister only asked her to be a bridesmaid at the insistence of the show, Thea decides to anger bang Kade to get back at her sister. Thus starts their acquaintances with benefits arrangement that keeps morphing and growing more complicated with bigger and bigger feelings on the journey to their HEA. To get there they must unpack a lot of baggage and deal with their pasts because they’re continuing to negatively impact their lives all the while dealing with the eye popping insanity of the wedding. The story was well written and included witty dialogue, three dimensional characters who grow, and an engaging storyline. It gave me all the feels - laughing, crying, swooning, cringing, teeth gritting, and cheering as shown in sweet moments, steamy scenes, hilarity, drama, supportive friends, messy/dysfunctional families, painful pasts, and heart squeezing love. Kirsten Leigh and Lance Greenfield did a phenomenal job narrating the story and the characters into life with enough change of inflection, tone and cadence to voice multiple characters quite convincingly. I love the added dimension narrators bring to the story. It increases your love for the MCs and your dislike for the “villains.”

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