Animal Grossology

Written by:
Sylvia Branzei
Narrated by:
Jonathan Todd Ross

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2014
1 hour 45 minutes
Forget those cute and cuddly puppies, kittens, and Koala bears-it's time to learn about vomit munchers, blood slurpers, slime makers, and dookie lovers. The world is filled with gross animals, and these are the very grossest. - Houseflies: when they land on your food, they immediately puke their guts out. - Leeches: once they hook onto your skin, they begin greedily sucking your blood. - Slugs: if you pick one up, your hand will be covered with a mucus-like ooze. - Lice: they make a home out of your hair and then start laying eggs. - Sea cucumbers: gooey blobs with tentacles that some people actually eat. - Tapeworms: once inside your intestines, they can grow up to 60-feet-long! With bluntly honest language and lighthearted humor, best-selling author Sylvia Branzei vividly describes these and many, many other disgusting animals.
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