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Animal Rights: A Very Short Introduction

Written by:
David Degrazia
Narrated by:
L.J. Ganser

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2021
4 hours 7 minutes
Do animals have moral rights? If so, what does this mean? What sorts of mental lives do animals have, and how should we understand welfare? By presenting models for understanding animals' moral status and rights, and examining their mental lives and welfare, David DeGrazia explores the implications for how we should treat animals in connection with our diet, zoos, and research. Animal Rights distinguishes itself by combining intellectual rigor with accessibility, offering a distinct moral voice with a non-polemical tone.
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The author attempted to give a balanced view by comparing different philosophies on the value and treatment of animals, the difference between sentient and non-sentient beings, etc. Although he acknowledged the varying respect for animals among several religions, this was primarily a book focused on philosophies such as utilitarianism, etc. In a nutshell, the author argues against humans use of live animals for entertainment, education, companionship, research, etc with certain exceptions. I found the chapter on factory farms to be of greatest personal interest to me, although you may find other chapters of greater interest.

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