Written by:
Ayn Rand
Narrated by:
Paul Meier

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2002
2 hours 30 minutes
Ayn Rand's classic bestseller, Anthem, is the unforgettable tale of a nightmarish totalitarian future-and the ultimate triumph of the individual spirit. First published in 1938, and often compared with Orwell's 1984 and Huxley's Brave New World, this beautifully written story has introduced millions to Rand's provocative worldview.Rand's protagonist, Equality 7-2521, describes a surreal world of faceless, nameless drones who "exist through, by and for our brothers who are the State. Amen." Alone, this daring young man defies the will of the ruling councils and discovers the forbidden freedoms that prevailed during the Unmentionable Times. In other words, he finds and celebrates the power of the self. In doing so, he becomes the prototypical Rand hero-a bold risk-taker who shuns conformity and unabashedly embraces egoism.This exciting dramatization features an electrifying performance by veteran actor and former BBC Drama Repertory Company member Paul Meier. It is certain to be the definitive recording of Anthem-and a milestone in audio interpretation of literary classics.
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Loved everything about it! Such an interesting and enjoyable book! Stirred my thoughts and emotions! Excellent narration... beautifully interpreted! And the author captured my attention right from the start and totally pulled me into the story. It felt as if there I was also, beside the main character, as chapter by chapter, gradually more and more details were revealed and discoveries were made, right up until the glorious final two chapters. What a delight! They gave me some shivers down my spine! It was like seeing and hearing and feeling fireworks shooting up into the sky on the 4th of July, while sitting near, with the launching area in view, and feeling such excitement and anticipation during the slight delay that occurs just before they finally shoot their beautifully coloured lights into the darkness! Deeply moving! Enjoyed it immensely!

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Jane M.

This story's culture will be our culture unless we each stand up for ourSELF. Great reminder and a must read for teens.

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Phil Grey

PHIL GREY A beautiful glimpse into the DIRECTION our society is heading, unless through study, and history, and thought we learn to fully grasp the difference in WE versus I.

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