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August 2019
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Take Action Against “Distraction” Now!
Oops...did you just lose your train of thought? Maybe you were occupied on something...and then something else stole your attention. Before you knew it...where did all that time go? An entire day has been wasted.
Perhaps it was the time when...
* You were doing some work on your computer, then decided to do some quick internet browsing leading you to get pulled all over social media.
* You were finishing up some reading for school, then received a notification on your phone leading you to text endlessly back-and-forth.
* You were running some important errands for the day, then some public event engaged your participation leading you to neglect your obligations.
If you consistently fail to complete what you set out to do - “distraction” is your public enemy number one. Even worse, we are living in a digital age where everything is increasingly becoming faster paced and nosier all competing for our attention and easily pulling us away our intended course of action. That is why it is more important than ever to be able to stop distraction dead in its track.
Bulletproof Mentality for “Anti-Distraction” will help you with...
* How to program your subconscious to block distraction before it occurs.
* How to stay focused with the power of affirmative assertion action words.
* How to apply “acoustical science” against distraction in noisy environments.
...including many more.
What makes “Anti-Distraction” different is that it strongly emphasizes on attacking the problem head-on while being in the moment - especially for those who suffer from ADHD where the word “planning” isn’t even in their dictionary.
It’s time to nuke your distraction once and for all, improve your concentration to get more focused, and have renewed accelerated energy to do more than possibly imagine.
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