Apollo's Curse

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Brad Vance

Narrated By: Brad Vance

Publisher: Authors Republic

Date: December 2016

Duration: 7 hours 8 minutes


All Dane Gale ever wanted was to be a successful writer. After a few sessions with his new friends Rose and Sherry at a romance book club, well, the more romances they read, the more they'™re convinced they can do better. And do they ever! They join their creative forces to become 'œPamela Clarice,' self-published romance novelist. When they look for a cover model for their first book, Dane sees the photos that will change his life.

Paul Musegetes is the world'™s most popular romance cover model, and the most secretive. Dane soon finds himself obsessed with this supernaturally handsome man, and when he meets Paul at the Romance Writers'™ Ball on the Summer Solstice, he and Paul connect for one night of passion'¦

After that night, Dane's a writing machine. He can'™t stop writing romances, and every story he touches turns to gold. But he also finds that he can'™t write anything but romances. And soon he's spending every waking moment of every day writing another after another...

Then Dane finds out that this Midas touch has a heavy price. When the year is over, he'™ll never write again. Not a romance, not a serious novel. Nothing. Not even a grocery list. And that leaves him with only one option '" find Paul, and get him to break the curse. But before he can do that, he'™ll have to track down Paul'™s equally mysterious photographer, Jackson da Vinci'¦


Apollo's Curse

by Brad Vance

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Apollo's Curse, Brad Vance