The Arctic Fury

Written by:
Greer Macallister
Narrated by:
Eva Kaminsky

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2020
12 hours 4 minutes
Eccentric Lady Jane Franklin makes an outlandish offer to adventurer Virginia Reeve: take a dozen women, trek into the Arctic,
and find her husband, Lord Franklin, and his lost expedition. Four parties have failed to find him, and Lady Franklin wants a radical
new approach: put the women in charge.

Lady Franklin will disavow all knowledge of the expedition if it fails, but if it succeeds, she promises great rewards. A year later,
Virginia stands trial for murder. Survivors of the expedition willing to publicly support her sit in the front row. There are only five left.
What happened out there on the ice?

Set against the unforgiving backdrop of one of the world’s most inhospitable locations, USA Today bestselling author Greer
Macallister uses the true story of Lady Jane Franklin’s tireless attempts to find her husband’s lost expedition as a jumping-off
point to spin a tale of bravery, intrigue, perseverance, and hope.
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The story was OK but clearly the message throughout the book is that essentially all women are persecuted and essentially all men persecute women. I realize that the setting was 1850 and times have changed but it just got a little painful. I’ll file this one away in the WOKE section.

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Barbi N.

This book was simply amazing. Amazing how 13 women would take off into the brutal arctic. How they any of them would survive in the late 1800s with nothing of modern day to help them survive. How money and buy so much, yet so little. Money is truly the root of all evil. Luckily in the end money doesn’t win. Wonderful book of survival.

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Enjoyable overall but a bit long and drawn out in places, so slow burning. Found it was putting me to sleep whilst driving! The narrator was a bit too soothing

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Martha A.

gripping from beginning to end

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Enjoyable book. The author did a great job of weaving history into her tale of fiction. Nice building of suspense. Check your politics and cultural in-fighting at the door and you will enjoy.

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Suzanne M.

Absolutely hands down a MUST LISTEN/READ book! Historical. Adventure. Woman enduring hardships, surviving, excelling. Would make a great movie too. Dont miss this book!

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James D.

This book should have a warning label: may cause severe narcolepsy. I’m still snoring even as I write this. The story is permeated with this ultra jaded view of reality. Nothing rang true to me. Imagine, it’s 1852, and men don’t exist. Why? No reason. Oh wait, they do exist, except the only ones left are all rapists. Why? No reason. The story takes place in the arctic winter and in a courtroom, yet the author has likely had never been in either. I would wager good money this author has not wintered North of Boston. It was a penance to listen to this. I turned the speed up to 1.6.

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Cyn K.

Macallister weaves great tension in this book between two timelines that slowly merge. It's full of surprises but the little reveals only turn up the heat on the main tension of the story. It's well written and the narrator does a terrific job juggling the varied accents. Very enjoyable.

The Arctic Fury
This title is due for release on December 1, 2020.

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The Arctic Fury
This title is due for release on December 1, 2020
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The Arctic Fury
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The Arctic Fury

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