Aristotle: Your Guide to Citizen Virtue

Written by:
Cary Nederman
Narrated by:
Cary Nederman
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2017
4 hours 54 minutes
How can Aristotle help you become a better person? In this course by award-winning teacher and leading Aristotle expert Prof. Cary J. Nederman (Ph.D., York University), you will become a more ethical person as you explore Aristotelian thought.

The word “politics” is an often-controversial term in our day, conjuring associations with partisanship and subterfuge. But as conceived by the ancient Greeks, politics was essential for becoming a virtuous person. Among the great minds of antiquity, perhaps none remains as relevant as Aristotle, for whom the ultimate purpose of politics was the common good.

Aristotle: A Course on Citizen Virtue gives you the rare opportunity to learn from one of the leading experts on Aristotle and political theory. With Nederman, an award-winning professor at Texas A&M University, you’ll explore Aristotle’s historical, intellectual, and biographical backdrop. You’ll also draw connections between this context and the moral and political philosophies of Aristotle. Finally, you will consider the powerful Aristotelian conception of human goodness. In particular, you’ll look at his powerful principle of teleology: all human beings have a purpose.

By grasping Aristotle’s influences and ideas, you’ll come to understand him as a thinker influenced by his time and place. But Prof. Nederman’s course also reveals how he provided the basis for moral philosophy, political thought, and university curricula in the West and beyond. Today, Aristotle remains as vital as ever, inspiring great thinkers and providing insights into contemporary issues. And most importantly, he speaks powerfully about what it means to be a good person. By studying his thought, you will find guidance for flourishing and realizing your full potential.
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