Armstrong And Miller The Complete Radio Series

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2008
0 hours 57 minutes
Welcome to the strange world of Armstrong and Miller, which includes some comedy sketches with tough-guy cops in 'Parsons and Lampkin' (and Lampkin’s mate Steve), and there’s an insider’s view of National Trousers Day – ‘because involvement should be as easy as a walk to the wardrobe’. More highlights include some really macho rock climbers, and the corrupt world of mountaineering: is Everest the tallest mountain, or are there others they keep quiet about so they don’t have to climb them? There’s a track from rock legends Strijka, and you can also hear how Logarythm – the world’s most successful school band – got together. Aided and abetted by Samuel West and Tony Gardner, this is the complete radio series, which contains all four episodes.
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