The Art of Principled Entrepreneurship: Creating Enduring Value

Written by:
Andreas Widmer
Narrated by:
Andreas Widmer , Walter Dixon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2022
6 hours 49 minutes
Are you an entrepreneur, manager, employee, or business student seeking to lead in a people-centered way? The Art of Principled Entrepreneurship is an insightful, practical guide to how businesses can and should be run to be both virtuous and profitable.

Art Ciocca orchestrated the creation of the largest wine brand that has dominated the industry for over twenty years. It is an achievement that even the best entrepreneurs can only dream of, yet perhaps you've never even heard his name.

Inspired by Art, Andreas Widmer crafts a practical model of principled entrepreneurship that anyone can adopt in their work. Widmer outlines five pillars that form the foundation of an entrepreneurial mindset that places the human person at the center of work: (1) The Economy Exists for People, Not People for the Economy; (2) To Work Is to Create; To Create Is to be Human; (3) Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast; (4) Principled Business Creates Win-Win Solutions; (5) Always Think Like an Entrepreneur.

The Art of Principled Entrepreneurship is your guide to getting started today on developing the habits that can enable you to do good, create value, and empower others to achieve excellence.
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