The Ascent

Written by:
Ronald Malfi
Narrated by:
Joe Hempel

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2023
8 hours 55 minutes
An 'adventure story of man against the elements with man being the most dangerous element of all' by the award-winning author of Bone White (Publishers Weekly).

Six months after he almost died in a caving accident, sculptor Tim Overleigh spends his time crutching his broken body from bar to bar in downtown Annapolis. He has told no one that it was his dead wife, Hannah, who helped him survive-and that he's still seeing her . . .

But a chance meeting with an old friend-and a plane ticket to Kathmandu-reawaken Tim's passion for adventure. He agrees to join an expedition to one of the last unexplored places on earth: the Canyon of Souls in the Himalayas. The daunting climb will pit Tim and the other climbers against icy winds, mysterious forces, and the ghosts that live within each of them.
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