Ask Thank and Praise: The Art of Communication

Written by:
Elizabeth Schadrack
Narrated by:
Tessa Aberjonois

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
1 hour 28 minutes
This book is coming from my heart. I am a 'WHY' person and know there is a reason for all human behavior and a solution to every problem.

All our problems stem from feelings of worthlessness.

Drugs, gangs, homelessness are all symptoms of worthless feelings brought about from a lack of Praise.

Stop struggling with an unruly child and learn communications skills. Everything comes with a set of operating instructions and children are no exception.

Encourage your child to volunteer, it's a way of learning free, makes him a more interesting person, and may help him find his purpose in life. It is setting an example for others to emulate.

Ask, Thank and Praise. Ask creates a desire to please, Thank will set them apart from the rest of the world and it is a known fact, we will do more for Praise than money.

Raise a child you can be proud of, it is not that difficult, just be the person you want them to emulate.

Remember, never criticize the behavior of your children, they are an outgrowth of your upbringing.
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