The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream

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Written By: Barack Obama

Narrated By: Barack Obama

Date: October 2006

Duration: 6 hours 11 minutes


In July 2004, Barack Obama electrified the Democratic National Convention with an address that spoke to Americans across the political spectrum. Now, in The Audacity of Hope, Senator Obama calls for a different brand of politics–a politics for those weary of bitter partisanship and alienated by the “endless clash of armies” we see in Congress and on the campaign trail; a politics rooted in the faith, inclusiveness, and nobility of spirit at the heart of “our improbable experiment in democracy.” He also writes, with surprising intimacy and self-deprecating humor, about settling in as a senator, seeking to balance the demands of public service and family life, and his own deepening religious commitment.
At the heart of this audiobook is Senator Obama’s vision of how we can move beyond our divisions to tackle concrete problems. Underlying his stories about family, friends, members of the Senate, and even the president is a vigorous search for connection: the foundation for a radically hopeful political consensus.
A senator and a lawyer, a professor and a father, a Christian and a skeptic, and above all a student of history and human nature, Senator Obama has written a book of transforming power.


  • Barbara

    This was once again lies, lies, lies !!! he believes none of this or at least hasn't shown any of this rhetoric since entering the white house. The title of this book should be "Lies and Other Wishful Thinking !!" This book is obviously a pre-presidential campaign strategy. This man has demonized this country's greatness.

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  • Gilbert Sanchez

    Absolutely loved the book. Great for individuals new to partisan politics. He gives clear understanding of the obstacles we are seeing today. Highly recommend.

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  • Michael Scott

    I've been a fan of Obama since watching him speak at the 2004 Democratic convention. I admire his ability to speak TO his audience, and not AT them. He makes you feel he's talking only to you, and is genuinely concerned with what is happening in your life. This book, like his daily message, is full of hope, optimisim, and a desire to break through the barriers of partisanship, and once again get this country back on track. Obama makes me feel we are on the verge of a new era, one similar to the age brought by FDR, JFK, and his brother Bobby. This book, like his first, is a must read, not necessarily to find answers, but to get to know Barack Obama, the man, and what he is trying to do in this confusing, maddening age.

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  • Anonymous

    This was an opportunity to better understand his way of thinking, his rationale for changes he hopes to effect. At this point, this is not really new, though it's nice to hear him explain it all fully in his own words. The history of how he and Michelle met was interesting and, well, cute. In terms of getting a better idea of, not who he is now and what he thinks now, but where he came from and more of why he became who he is, I would recommend his other book.

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  • Brett

    This book is both well written and well read by Barack. It is quite interesting and moves along at a good pace. I even listened to some passages several times. In this text Obama outlines of his views and solutions to our domestic and foreign issues. He emphasizes the importance of putting yourself in the other person's shoes, supporting the family unit and presents himself in an intelligent and humble manner. He talks about his own background, his challenges and joys of being a husband and father, and his love for his wife and children. While he does give an outline of how he would resolve current issues, he doesn't include detailed solutions and he explains in the beginning of the book that these details are not included in this text. This book is definitely worth listening to and those who view it negatively most likely never listened/read the book or weren't paying attention.

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  • Jim F.

    I read this in 2021, many years after it was written and before he ran for president and before the Trump years 2017 to 2021. It’s uncanny to read after watching how the problems he described in America were exacerbated later during the Trump years. A great read for finding out what makes the sky tech, and for demonstrating how life experiences shape one’s beliefs.

  • Richard M.

    This was an amazing book that gave a view of a man destined for greatness. It’s so interesting that he wrote this before he became president. He’s an amazing story teller with an attention to detail that remains unsurpassed.

  • Anonymous

    an interestring view that pre dates his presidency.

  • Anonymous

    so tired of Obama's and the destruction of America they created

  • Anonymous

    Great book, amazingly narrated. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get an insight into US 2 party politics and how divided that has caused the country and any chance of ever getting a bipartisan policies made for the benefit of the people.

  • Anonymous

    Delightful and refreshing to listen an empathetic, intellectual who isn’t so concerned with his own perspective that he can’t relate to others with perspectives different from his own. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to his ability to relate to various aspects of American social/political issues and offering solutions that sought to bridge all Americans. This is worth a read by anyone, Republican, Democratic or otherwise. Grateful for the former President’s calm, humble demeanor as well his ability to consider issues from a critical and profound lens.

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful insight into both America, its diverse complications, challenges, what it could be AND some of what makes the man President Obama. Loved it and recommend this insightful read.

  • Jackson W.

    We need this man with these ideas to be President. Oh wait, wasn’t he? President Obama The Audacity Of Hope evaporated when you crossed the threshold of the Whitehouse. I personally am so disappointed!

  • doc

    Good narration, weak and unrealistic viewpoints, idealistic in concept with narcissistic flare, self-serving and false projection of empathy....good voice and easy to uderstand...

  • Darlene

    I really enjoyed this book. It was a nice insight into President Obama, what he believes in and what his priorities are. Some parts were a little dry - the parts that were deep into the procedures of politics. Most of the book was very interesting. His recounting of his life with Michelle was touching.

  • Betsy

    An interesting insight into politics, crucial to anyone who aspires to a career as a politician. Less insightful as a biography as it still comes across as a guarded and intentional message...somewhat of a campaign.

  • Natalie

    It was great to listen to Obama's voice as I heard the book read...made it more real for me. Although I may not agree with all his political information, I liked understanding him better as a person and gaining a better understanding on where he stood on the different topics discussed. This is NOT aboring political book! Easy listening.

  • Eric

    Check sources. Misleading and lots of "facetime". He gives a good speech but has not backed up any of his words in the past. Book was slow.

  • Mandi Chestler

    Certainly penned and published with the 2008 presidential campaign in mind, Obama's second book strikes the perfect blend of personal and political revelations. Narrated by the presedential hopeful himself, his tone strikes a comforting balance between modest folksiness and smooth self assuredness. What a surprise--it kinda makes ya want to vote for the guy. The chapters detailing Obama's insights on alleviating America's domestic ills are predictably inspiring. On the other hand, the lack of ideas and information about his international and foreign affairs views is disturbing.

  • Andy

    If you read this you must read McCains books also to provide a contrast in how the two individuals feel about people and how problems can be solved in the world. Barak does a half hearted attempt to provide balance in the examples he discusses but picks weak examples to reinforce an opinion other than his. I walked away knowing his mindset and how he feels the world should run and the approach he takes to situations, i.e. it is always the same. Read it and see if you agree.

  • Anonymous

    This book reads like a 6 hour Constitutional Law lecture. I couldn't even listen to a complete disc without hitting fast forward and hoping for something to capture my interest.

  • Anonymous

    If you really want the perspective that Obama truly has and not the delusion he has created for himself, read The Bound Man. The Bound Man gives incredible insight to Obama's past, his upbringing and the strife he himself finds himself in. It ironically is written from the perspective of someone who has the same background as Obama.

  • Anonymous

    Has many interesting opinions about the common issues that we Americans face, but the book lacks the interest to grab your attention. My mind kept wandering off and I had to listen to some of the chapters again to understanding the main point.

  • ML

    This was interesting if you want to know more about Obama before his White House machine began cranking away. It gives a good look, but falls short of being an attention grabber. I never found myself hanging onto the lines or waiting in the car because I had to hear just a little more.

  • Jeff

    A litany and recital of most that is wrong with politics now, but precious few ideas on how to make changes to these circumstances. He is plain speaking and appears honest and committed. Worth listening to in this primary season as it is more than the sound bites and stump speeches you can usually hear.

  • Leif Holmes

    Although I don't agree with it all, this is an excellent book. I wanted to know where he stood on the issues and now I do. I would highly recommend it.

  • Anonymous

    A little too much policy, but well written. It makes it a little dry.

  • Anonymous

    One of the most inspiring books I have read in a long time. Barack Obama looks at the world with optimism and common sense.

  • Evelyn McAdams

    I liked Barack Obama before I read this,but now I really admire him.This book is a politician speaking plain English,very refreshing and insightful.

Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream

by Barack Obama

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Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream, Barack Obama
Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream, Barack Obama
This title is due for release on October 17, 2006.

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Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream, Barack Obama
This title is due for release on October 17, 2006
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Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream, Barack Obama
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Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream, Barack Obama

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