Aurora's Knight

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2024
2 hours 34 minutes
Sleeping Beauty just met Silver Spoon Falls' most dangerous criminal. And he's not letting her go.

Constantine: I had one simple mission: Get in, take care of business, and get out. But even the best-laid plans go awry.

Mine do the moment I set eyes on Aurora Branson. She's been missing, presumed dead, for months. Imagine my surprise when I find her being held hostage by a cartel. Now I have a new mission: Explain the trail of bodies I just left in my wake . . . And then make this sleeping angel mine forever.

Aurora: I learned one lesson early in life: Trust no one. This isn't the first time I've woken up with a stranger looming over my bed. But unlike last time, this dangerous man swears he means me no harm. For some reason, I believe him.

But I never expected to fall for him. He's more deadly than the men who kidnapped me, yet I've never felt safer. But is it all an illusion, or is this dark prince truly my white knight?

Contains mature themes.
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