Authority: How Godly Rule Protects the Vulnerable, Strengthens Communities, and Promotes Human Flourishing

Written by:
Jonathan Leeman
Narrated by:
Marcus Jackman

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
10 hours 54 minutes
Accessible Guide from 9Marks Equips Believers to Steward Their God-Given Authority
In every position of power—from executives and world leaders to church elders and parents— lies the potential for life-giving leadership or destructive corruption. Driven by sinful pride or opportunism, many people abuse their God-given influence, harming the ones they're called to lead and contributing to an intense angst against authority. The answer to bad authority, however, is not no authority, but good authority—the kind that, according to Scripture, causes those under it to flourish.
In this compelling guide from 9Marks, Jonathan Leeman shows that authority, done biblically, is not only good, but is essential to human flourishing. Through Scripture and many first-hand stories, he presents 5 attributes of positive authority and warns against sinfulness that corrupts leadership. Pointing to Jesus as the ultimate model of good authority, Leeman equips readers to pursue godly influence in their personal and professional lives. 

- Applicable: Challenges readers to identify weaknesses in their own leadership style and offers 5 attributes of godly authority
- Engaging: Filled with compelling stories that illustrate key points
- A Great Resource for Pastors, Employers, Officers, and Parents: Helps readers understand how to practice godly authority in church, at home, and in the workplace
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