Autobiography of a Modern Prophet

Autobiography of a Modern Prophet

Written by:
Harold Klemp
Narrated by:
Rich Miller
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2019
13 hours 53 minutes
This is the true account of one man’s struggle to fulfill his spiritual destiny. Harold Klemp recounts the momentous turning points that led him to the heights of God-Realization. Through times of testing, growth, and spiritual adventure, this memoir reads like a fast-paced novel. 

You’ll also discover spiritual tools that can propel anyone on a quest for truth. This book includes advanced instruction in conscious dreaming. It provides techniques for using Soul Travel to move beyond the physical body. Harold Klemp’s journey even offers clues about how past lives can influence your life today.

Autobiography of a Modern Prophet won the American Book Fest 2017 Best Book Award for New Age Non-Fiction. It has given inspiration, guidance, and insights to thousands of readers around the world. Harold Klemp writes: “Tucked away in the hidden places of this book are clues as to how you too may reach the glories of God. Now come with me on my journey.”  
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Kendra A.

A fascinating life journey that is also relatable at points, really makes you think about how much we don’t know. Really enjoyed it… and thinking about it in-between listens. Put the narration speed on 1.2 and it will be an easy listen.

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John M.

Times can be brutally tough and seem so unfair. Sometimes our best intentions and efforts to be responsible and do the right things are just not enough. But there is help, as I found out. Autobiography of a Modern Prophet showed me how Harold Klemp moved through his toughest of times and towards achieving his high spiritual goals. He did this by practicing the ECK Spiritual Exercises regularly while paying attention to and applying the guidance of his spiritual guide. This book helped me adjust my perspective on life’s experiences. I began to see how and why these experiences weren’t just happening to me but happening for me. And if I hang in there, try to see the spiritual perspective and learn from these experiences, listen to and apply both the inner and outer spiritual guidance from Harold, life will be so much better for me. It’s been working well. Life has been better for me since reading this book and applying it to my challenges. I have found it to be a book that I can return to again and again to learn something new. Maybe the things you will learn from Autobiography of a Modern Prophet can help you, too. And now that this book is also an audio book that can be downloaded to a phone or a pad, it makes it easier to benefit from it while your hands are busy with activities that don’t require your full attention. Check it out and see what you think.

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Barbara B.

This is possibly one of the most thrilling spiritual books I've ever read. It’s a very immersive journey that takes a farm boy from Wisconsin to the heights of spiritual consciousness. It stirred my own dreams of wanting to become a greater spiritual being and transcend challenges - physical, emotional or mental. It takes you way beyond conventional thinking about how someone can reach God. The story-telling style is simple yet profound because of turning points of the author's story. The narration quality was excellent. The narrator’s voice is strong and comforting at the same time. I've read the printed version of the book, but hearing the words in this recording is a new and amazing experience. The words are like portals that can launch you into amazing new worlds of awareness and self-confidence. It’s also a great value as you get 13 hours of listening. This audiobook is truly one of a kind.

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