Awake at the Wheel: Mindful Driving

Written by:
Michele McDonald
Narrated by:
Michele McDonald

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2010
2 hours 15 minutes
Turn off auto-pilot! Join renowned Vipassana teacher Michele McDonald on a journey that will transform distracted, frustrated driving into the alert peace and stillness of mindfulness meditation.
McDonald guides you through exercises that attune your 'driving mind' to:
- Notice and transform 'auto-pilot' into awareness
- Awaken to physical sensations and experience
- Free ourselves from the grip of emotion and repetitive thoughts
- Develop kindness and compassion

This remarkable 2-disc set includes introductions to mindfulness meditation specific to driving, and nearly two hours of exercises that can be learned in the car and used anywhere to enliven the mind, awake the senses, and enjoy the journey again.
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