Written by:
Jonathan Alder
Narrated by:
Jake Chronister
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
11 hours 42 minutes
Death is no more. War, famine, and disease are gone. Earth is a paradise. But not everyone lives on Earth. 

On a distant planet, the Sandigan regime struggles to survive in wake of the Last War. Their goal: to revive their dead leader and return to Earth. One unsuspecting programmer on Earth can help.

James Hawthorn is a socially detached researcher working for weLive, the company responsible for ending death. Because of DNA complications, billions of people—like James’ mother—were never revived. To solve this, James develops a new revival method, but his research is threatened when a network hack targets him.

Caught between reviving his mother and allowing his work to fall into enemy hands, James must confront the implications of his research before the Sandigan exploits it to begin a new war.
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Matthew G.

I highly recommend this sci-fi masterpiece. this was a glimpse into what our future with science and artificial intelligence could be, while still dealing with very authentic true characters.

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