Awayland: Stories

Written by:
Ramona Ausubel
Narrated by:

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2018
5 hours 27 minutes
An inventive story collection that spans the globe as it explores love, childhood, and parenthood with an electric mix of humor and emotion.

Acclaimed for the grace, wit, and magic of her novels, Ramona Ausubel introduces us to a geography both fantastic and familiar in eleven new stories, some of them previously published in The New Yorker and The Paris Review. Elegantly structured, these stories span the globe and beyond, from small-town America and sunny Caribbean islands to the Arctic Ocean and the very gates of Heaven itself. And though some of the stories are steeped in mythology, they remain grounded in universal experiences: loss of identity, leaving home, parenthood, joy, and longing.

Crisscrossing the pages of Awayland are travelers and expats, shadows and ghosts. A girl watches as her homesick mother slowly dissolves into literal mist. The mayor of a small Midwestern town offers a strange prize, for stranger reasons, to the parents of any baby born on Lenin's birthday. A chef bound for Mars begins an even more treacherous journey much closer to home. And a lonely heart searches for love online--never mind that he's a Cyclops.

With her signature tenderness, Ramona Ausubel applies a mapmaker's eye to landscapes both real and imagined, all the while providing a keen guide to the wild, uncharted terrain of the human heart.

Audiobook Table of Contents:
'You Can Find Love Now,' read by Kirby Heyborne with Emily Rankin
'Fresh Water From the Sea,' read by Rebecca Lowman
'Template for a Proclamation to Save the Species,' read by Danny Campbell
'Mother Land,' read by Cassandra Campbell
'Departure Lounge,' read by Kate Rudd
'Remedy,' read by Karissa Vacker
'Club Zeus,' read by Macleod Andrews
'High Desert,' read by Amanda Carlin
'Heaven,' read by Vikas Adam
'The Animal Mummies Wish to Thank the Following,' read by Bruce Mann
'Do Not Save the Ferocious, Save the Tender,' read by Mark Bramhall
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A few of the stories are thought provoking, but not enough of them were as magical as I wanted.

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Cassidy R.

The concepts were good. The delivery was lazy.

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