Written By: Stella Rhys

Narrated By: John Masterson, Cassandra Myles

Date: February 2018

Duration: 8 hours 44 minutes


He was supposed to be my first and only one-night stand. He was definitely never supposed to become my boss.

I had always been the good girl-the workaholic with every second of her life mapped out to a tee.

Then I got trapped in an elevator with Julian Hoult.

He was . . . irresistible. Sophisticated sex in a crisp white shirt. His voice alone dropped me straight to my knees. What was I supposed to do?

Well . . .

I can tell you what I was definitely not supposed to do.

I was not supposed to run into him ever again. I was not supposed to be desperately unemployed, and I was definitely not supposed to accept his dirty little job offer.

But I couldn't resist.

As CEO of the Hoult Media empire, Julian will stop at nothing to get what he wants. So for his next venture with Manhattan's most lecherous billionaires, he's hired me to play the role of bait. And while my official title is that of Executive Assistant, my actual job requires low tops, tight skirts, and flaunting everything I've got till his clients are easy to bend-till they can barely think for themselves anymore.

It's sleazy and wrong. Against everything I've worked for. But with Julian as my audience, I can't help but enjoy every second. Thanks to him, I'm embracing the bad, and I swear . . .

I've never in my life felt this damned good.

Contains mature themes.


  • Anonymous

    Very good listener, I was happy that she went back, and that he was the one that got her from the Airport. Very good listener

  • Anonymous

    Great story line

  • Vicki D.

    I like the storyline in this book and I liked the characters. The male narrator sort of ruined it for me. He sounded a lot older than the character he was narrating was supposed to be, and his voice for Sara was kinda whiney. The female narrator did a really good job with both the male and female voices.

  • Anonymous

    Best of this series. The sexy scenes are super steamy and both characters are very likable. I was rooting for both of them, which is slightly weird, since one is an alpha billionaire. Really enjoyed this book and the narration was superb. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was the pre-ending twist that just made no sense whatsoever.

  • Olivia T.

    Love that the characters go from the first book to this one and there is a bit more of a complex plot than your average plain love story. He is by far the most guarded in the series so I found myself routing for him in this one more than I normally do.

  • Anonymous

    This series of books ties everyone together yet also work well enough as stand alone books to read separately. These would all work to make a great movie or miniseries! I love how the author captures so perfectly the insecurities we as women face especially as something from our past has been so powerful to to remain impactful as we've gone out into the world trying hard to go after our dreams outselves to be empowering. It really is great to see the female leads shed out of their shells. Then, to find these powerful men who all end up being entertained together and each of the male leads have battled or are processing their own demons that w the love of a good woman and strong friendships help to heal them as they overcome and open themselves for unconditional love.

  • Sharon P.

    This story fits the flavor of the others along the storyline.

  • Gloria6

    Great listen.

  • Anonymous

    Best romantica I’ve ever listened to! Great plot and character development. It was hot! Guy narrator is great but woman’s voice is a little too high pitchy in my opinion. Still enjoyed it!

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Bad Boss, Stella Rhys
Bad Boss, Stella Rhys
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Bad Boss, Stella Rhys
This title is due for release on February 27, 2018
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Bad Boss, Stella Rhys
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