Bad Business

Written by:
Robert B. Parker
Narrated by:
Joe Mantegna

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2004
6 hours 15 minutes
When Marlene Cowley hires Spenser to see if her husband Trent is cheating on her, he encounters more than he bargained for: not only does he find a two-timing husband, but a second investigator as well, hired by the husband to look after his wife. As a result of their joint efforts, Spenser soon finds himself investigating both individual depravity and corporate corruption.

It seems the folks in the Cowleys' circle have become enamored of radio talk show host Darrin O'Mara, whose views on Courtly Love are clouding some already fuzzy minds with the notion of cross-connubial relationships. O'Mara's brand of sex therapy is unconventional at best, unlawful--and deadly--at worst. Then a murder at Kinergy, where Trent Cowley is CFO, sends Spenser in yet another direction. Apparently, the unfettered pursuit of profit has a price.

With razor sharp characterizations and finely honed prose, this is Parker at the height of his powers.
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I have enjoyed the Robert Parker books. This was the first audiobook I have heard from this author and his habit of "he said" or "she said" became a bit annoying. It was not so noticeable when reading the book but listening to it is different. Another reviewer stated they did not like the cartoonish "step fetch" accent of the black character Hawk. This dialog banter has carried through most of the books it appears to be a joke between the two long time friends. They can just as suddenly switch to a very sophisticated educated banter as well. It is one of the things that keep you on your toes while reading Parker books. I enjoy Pearl, the dog she adds a human touch to the characters. You will not go wrong in choosing this book to read. It is fast moving and has a twisting plot, with tongue in cheek humor.

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