Badass Black Girl: Quotes, Questions, and Affirmations for Teens

Written by:
M.J. Fievre
Narrated by:
L. Malaika Cooper

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2022
4 hours 1 minute
Wisdom from badass Black female trailblazers who accomplished remarkable things in literature, entertainment, STEM, politics, law, sports, and more.

Explore the many facets of your identity through hundreds of big and small questions. In this affirmations audiobook created for Black girls, M. J. Fievre tackles topics such as family and friends, school and careers, body image, and stereotypes. By reflecting on these themes, you confront the issues that can hold you back from discovering your inner Black joy.

Embrace authenticity and celebrate who you are. Finding the courage to live as you are is not easy, so Badass Black Girl is designed to help you nurture creativity and positive self-awareness.

Change the way you view the world. These affirmations provide words of encouragement focused on Black joy to inspire and ignite discussion. You are growing up in a world that tries to tell you how to look and act. Fight the flow and determine for yourself who you want to be.

Badass Black Girl helps you to: build and boost your self-esteem with powerful, positive affirmations; learn more about yourself through insightful journaling prompts; and become confident in your authentic Black girl self.
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