Badlands Bad Boy

Written by:
Maggie Shayne
Narrated by:
Traci Odom

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2023
7 hours 34 minutes
Alter Ego or Ghostly Warrior?

Wes Brand is the black sheep of the family. But lately, he's become friends with an old Shaman named Turtle who has hidden reasons for wanting to put Wes in touch with his Comanche roots.

Turtle convinces Wes to impersonate legendary warrior Wolf Shadow, to drive archaeologist Dr. Taylor McCoy away from her dig site. His failing health provides plenty of leverage and he's not ashamed to use it.

But when the beautiful doc finds herself falling for both Wes and his ghostly alter-ego, Wes wonders how he'll get out of the mess he's made without ruining the powerful feelings beginning to grow between them.

Contains mature themes.
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