Bargains To Die For

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2023
8 hours 5 minutes
Hollis Brannigan is a personal shopper at a prestigious Los Angeles concierge service, but has her sights set on a position in the company's investigations department. To hone her skills, she takes on discreet investigations for fellow employees.

Hollis becomes embroiled in a murder when she walks into one of LA's upscale consignment shops and discovers a young woman on the floor, draped in designer gowns. When Hollis rushes to give aid, another woman shows up and snaps her picture kneeling over the body. With her photo, fingerprints, and DNA at the crime scene, Hollis is now the prime suspect.

While trying to keep her clients happy and prove her innocence, Hollis takes on a case investigating a cheating boyfriend whose mysterious midnight trips confound her. She finally gets a lead on her sister who vanished without a trace, but fears she'll disappear again before Hollis can get to her.

Now shopping for a killer in LA's most exclusive stores, Hollis discovers revenge, deceit, and ambition turned deadly. A murderer lurks nearby plotting another crime-this time against Hollis. She soon learns that pursuing a murderer and discovering the truth about her sister aren't what she bargained for!
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