Battle of Dunkirk: Operation Dynamo - The Miracle of the Dunkirk Evacuation During World War 2

Written by:
Liam Dale
Narrated by:
Liam Dale

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
0 hours 50 minutes
Join The History Journals for an hourly history tour. In this edition, uncover the true tale of the Battle of Dunkirk and the heroism of civilians who rescued Allied troops from the Nazis.

The phrase "spirit of Dunkirk" embodies the indomitable British mentality, but many know little beyond its association with WWII and its location in France. However, Dunkirk's story, marked by incredible bravery of both military and civilians, is profoundly moving and inspirational. This journal transports you to 1940, a journey to discover true courage amid dire adversity.

Winston Churchill coined it the "miracle" of Dunkirk, a dramatic escape occurring in May and June 1940. To fully appreciate this event, it's essential to grasp its context - a Europe in turmoil under Adolf Hitler's relentless pursuit of global supremacy.
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