Beach You To The Punch: HANNAH COCKER

Beach You To The Punch: HANNAH COCKER

Written by:
Faleena Hopkins
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2018
6 hours 36 minutes
Beach You To The Punch, Book 8 in Cocker Brothers, Hannah Cocker:

I'm the oldest of seventeen cousins. 

We are wild. 

We are loyal. 

We are Cockers.

Our story begins with me. 

My cousin, Sofia Sol, driving the motorcycle. 

Me on back, for a trip to Florida.

Them following soon after. 

Because of him. 

Time to find out...

Is life a beach?

'I absolutely loved this book. I loved checking in with the brothers and where their lives are at currently, and I loved seeing the intense bond and love the Cocker cousins all had for each other.' - Violin Vixon Blog

'I made the mistake of starting to read Hannah when I had other things to do...One thing I can completely guarantee happens every time I pick up one of Faleena Hopkins' books is that I get completely engrossed in the story, and don't want to put it down.' - Trip Down Imagination Road Book Blog - UK 
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