Becoming Mentally Tougher in Bodybuilding by Using Meditation

Written by:
Joseph Correa
Narrated by:
Andrea Erickson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2018
1 hour 36 minutes
Becoming Mentally Tougher In Bodybuilding by Using Meditation:Reach Your Potential by Controlling Your Inner Thoughts. Meditation is one of the best ways to reach your true potential. Eating right and training are two of the pieces of the puzzle but you need the third piece to reach your true potential. The third piece is mental toughness and that can be obtained through meditation.

Bodybuilders who practice meditation regularly will find they are or have:

- More confident during competition.

- Reduced stress levels.

- Better capacity to concentrate for long periods for time.

- Lower muscle fatigue.

- Faster recovery times after competing or training.

- Overcome nervousness better.

- Control their emotions under pressure.

What more can you ask for as a bodybuilder?

When considering unlocking their true potential most athletes focus on physical and nutritional goals but often overlook their inner potential through practices like meditation and visualization.
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