The Becoming

Written by:
Jessica Meigs
Narrated by:
Shaina Summerville

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2021
13 hours 11 minutes
The Michaluk Virus is loose.

It will take all of Cade's skills to survive it.

A deadly virus has escaped the CDC in Atlanta, and Cade Alton is blindsided when it reaches Memphis and strikes down the heart of her family in a frenzy of blood and terror. Forced to dredge up military skills she hasn't used in years, Cade teams up with her best friend in order to survive the onslaught and escape the city.

But fleeing Memphis doesn't mean the end of her troubles. As the virus continues its relentless spread across the Southeastern United States, she finds herself surrounded by virtual strangers who have banded together for survival. And not everyone is getting along.

When the virus reaches their Mississippi safe house and they're forced to flee, Cade is faced with a difficult choice: accompany her best friend back to Memphis in a search for his wife, or travel with the others to rescue a survivor trapped in Biloxi. No matter which she chooses, the options will have deep repercussions not only on her life, but on the group's very survival.

Contains mature themes.
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