Bedtime Meditation Stories for Kids: Short Tales & Positive Affirmations for Children and Toddlers to Help Them Fall Asleep Fast and Relax. Let Your Child have a Relaxing Night’s Sleep with Sweet Drea

Written by:
Children Story Group
Narrated by:
Children Story Group

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2020
0 hours 58 minutes
Help Your Child Wind Down After a High-Energy Day with Some of the Best Bed Time Stories in History!
Children love a good story. Even more so when their mom or dad reads it to them. Reading bed time stories to your child is a delightful way to bond with them, as well as a good tool to encourage their love for reading and learning. And if that’s not amazing enough, reading to your child helps sharpen their memory, improve their vocabulary, and boosts their creativity.
Another great benefit to reading bed time stories to your little one is that it gets them in a calmer state, just in time for bed. Creating a consistent bed time ritual helps your child to sleep deeper and help them wake up more energized.
This is why the Children Story Group published “Bedtime Meditation Stories for Kids” — a collection of some of the most well-loved short bed time stories for kids, from the likes of Hans Christian Andersen, Beatrix Potter, The Brothers Grimm, and Robert Browning.
“Bedtime Meditation Stories for Kids” also comes complete with positive affirmations, so that they can wind down from a high-energy day and fall asleep faster and better.
In this fun and magical book, your child will:
• Fall asleep faster and have a deliciously relaxing night’s sleep, as they dream about their favorite characters
• Learn more about empathy, kindness, and tolerance, as they follow their beloved characters adventures
• Improve their sense of wellbeing, as well as their vocabulary and reading skills, so that they can succeed in both school and life
• And so much more!
There is nothing like snuggling with your child, while reading them some of the greatest bed time stories ever told!
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Caron C.

A great book for kids. This book will help kids fall asleep without any hassle.

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Susan R.

The stories are very interesting in this book. They get you to sleep very easily after hearing them.

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Mary D.

Great job done by author. Stories in this audio-book relax the mind and it helps kids fall asleep faster.

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Katy C.

This is an amazing audio-book for children. This book helps mothers get their babies to sleep. I recommend this book.

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Colin M.

This is a good book for kids to sleep very easily. I recommend this book.

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