Beginners' French for Kids

Written by:
Centre Of Excellence
Narrated by:
Katia Filipovic

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2021
3 hours 7 minutes
Introducing French to children aged 6 and up, this audiobook will help little learners to develop a broad range of vocabulary across a range of topics, understand essential grammar and instil confidence to try out their newfound French language skills.

The Beginner’s French for Kids audiobook also has an inter-cultural element within each track, allowing children to learn things about France and the French-speaking world.

The audiobook begins by explaining how to introduce yourself, address people, and count up to ten in French.

You’ll learn the words to describe relationships within your family, the names of animals, how to describe what people and animals look like, express your opinions (including your likes and dislikes), talk about school subjects, and name colours. The audiobook explains how to talk about your home and the area in which you live, along with what you want to do in the future, including what job you may like to have.

You’ll discover useful language when out and about in a French-speaking country. You’ll learn the names for mealtimes, how to talk about food and eating out in cafes and restaurants), the names for shops (e.g. bakery, butchers) and the items sold within them, names of different modes of transport and locations (e.g. train station, museum), and how to ask for directions.

We’ll look at the language used to describe what you like to do in your free-time, where you might go and what you might see whilst on holiday, and the weather.

Along with providing a solid foundation in the language, you’ll also explore the fascinating similarities and differences in the cultures of various French-speaking countries.
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