Being Mrs. Cane

Written by:
Shanora Williams
Narrated by:
Adam Osborne , Ebony Mendez

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2020
4 hours 35 minutes
They say there is happiness at the end of every love story, but they never truly
mention the hardships it takes to get there.
With Cane, I’d been through hell and back, and now, I was going to be walking
up the altar, promising my life to a man that I’d gambled everything for.
Some would call me dumb.
Some would deem me insane.
Others would say I was a fool in love.
But I knew what we were, and I knew what we had was real.
With every marriage, there is always something that can hold you back or make
you think twice, and this something was going to be one of our biggest wars yet,
or our greatest victory ever.
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