Belonging Rules: Five Crucial Actions That Build Unity and Foster Performance

Written by:
Brad Deutser
Narrated by:
Brad Deutser
VIP Reward

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
8 hours 2 minutes
Leaders have an unprecedented opportunity to overcome the great disconnect between employers and employees by inviting individuals to become part of something bigger than themselves—to belong.

Belonging Rules gives leaders the tools, knowledge, and confidence to harness belonging to address the workplace’s most critical challenges.

The need to belong is innate and enduring, yet often elusive. Genuine belonging requires a bold approach, one that offers both depth and credibility to the work required from leaders whose organizations are craving a sense of connection, security, and acceptance.

Belonging Rules offers nuanced, direct guidance for navigating both the pre-existing and ever-evolving social and organizational demands of today’s workplace. The five rules within, based on extensive research and application, create a framework to dissect and decode the complex, complicated, and controversial issues of the modern workforce.

Executive coach and award-winning management consultant Brad Deutser gives leaders the confidce to address the most critical societal imperative—belonging. His approach doesn’t tell leaders what to do, rather he provides leaders with the how to:
Identify the heart of existing power structures and societal mandates
Reframe the impact of inclusion at an individual and organizational level
Challenge and fundamentally redefine the relationship with diverse stakeholders
Leading can be uncomfortable. This guide will empower leaders to shift attention, understanding, and effort toward bridging differences and uniting the “movable middle” which depowers the extremes, driving necessary change and desired performance.
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