Benchwarmer: An Anxious Dad's Almanac of Fatherhood and Other Failures

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Josh Wilker

Narrated By: Chris Lutkin

Publisher: Dreamscape Media, LLC

Date: May 2015

Duration: 9 hours 57 minutes


For most of his life, Josh Wilker has been on the sidelines. Spending his days in a cubicle in the far reaches of Chicago, and his nights in front of Red Sox games, he has been content to let others take center stage. From childhood onward, he sought comfort from anxiety and depression in the archival pages of sports almanacs and stat sheets: a place where forgotten players lingered, and time seemed to stop - a welcome relief from worldly problems. He found joy in the trivia of long-lost athletes, like the former NFL player Walter 'Sneeze' Achiu. But when his first child was born in 2011, Wilker found his anxieties put to the test: how do you remain on the sidelines when a tender, fragile baby needs everything from you?