Beyond The Secret:: Spiritual Power and The Law of Attraction

Written by:
Lisa Love
Narrated by:
Lisa Love

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2009
5 hours 15 minutes
Since the publication of The Secret, everyone seems to be talking about the Law of Attraction. In the popular imagination, everything we desire can be ours. But the Law of Attraction is more than the power of positive thinking or a plan to get rich quick. In Beyond the Secret, Lisa Love teaches us how to use the Law of Attraction spiritually. Instead of focusing on the selfishness and greed in human nature that leads us to want, want, want, Love inspires her readers to see beyond the individual ego and to attract and retain objects and events that will be beneficial to ourselves and to others.

Lisa Love makes the Law of Attraction accessible to everyone, revealing essential insights on how to discover true and lasting life satisfaction.
Beyond the Secret teaches you to:
• Understand what Spirit wants for you in this life
• Use the Law of Attraction to gain insight into yourself and your destiny
• Create and maintain a deeply satisfying sense of spiritual fulfillment

Not everyone can use the Law of Attraction to win the lottery or to become the next American Idol, but everyone can use the Law of Attraction to become a happier and better person.
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Jonathan C.

love having this guide for using the Law of Attraction

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