The Bible Speaks, Book IV: Conversations with Jude and James

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2018
8 hours 36 minutes
There were eight authors of the New Testament. Marisa and Joe channeled these authors and originally combined their accounts into one book. When they reread the book in session with the other side—to make sure that the information was correct, while also seeking additional comments from the authors—Jesus, who frequently interceded throughout the interviews, suggested that they break it up into four books instead. He reminded them that he used to send his disciples out on missions “two by two” and felt that these books would be better received if there were two authors per book.

The intent of these channeled sessions was never to open to Bible and ask the authors what they meant by various passages in their books; instead, it was to get to know the authors. From their numerous sessions, Marisa and Joe were able to discover the uniqueness of the men behind the titles. Because Jesus/Christ monitored all the sessions, they were able to learn not only twenty-first-century lessons from the authors but also new lessons and parables from Christ/Jesus/Yeshua/Emmanuel and the myriad guides, angels, and higher selves of each of the authors, as well as from the higher selves of Joe and Marisa. They also had input from some who no one has heard from before, including Rosemary. Rosemary could be considered what we today call a groupie. She loved Jesus but didn’t always love the men behind the books. She is a real joy, and listeners will either love her or think she’s silly. Nevertheless, she gives some outside objectivity to all the accounts, and Marisa and Joe feel blessed to have her included in these accounts.

Book IV introduces the two authors of the New Testament who were brothers and family members of Jesus, born also of Mary: James and Jude. Listeners will find it hard to stop the recording—there is intrigue, mystery, and revelation in these accounts. All the Bible Speaks books are books of mystery, intrigue, and truth. If the listener wishes, he or she may just say, “These may be true, or they may be fiction, but let me see what is in here anyway—I’m curious.” Jesus told Marisa and Joe that those who wish to hear will be seekers, the curious. These will be listeners who just don’t get religion, who may or may not ever have read the New Testament in its entirety but who want to understand God more. James and Jude had very interesting accounts and were very different from one another. James will blow you away. You just have to listen to understand why. Jude gave us the impression that he felt shadowed by his older brother and that his accounts were ignored when Constantine put the Bible together. James and Jude were human, just like you and me, but very fortunate to experience time with Jesus and become immortalized in the book of all ages: the Bible. This book does not add to the Bible, nor does it take anything away from it. This book brings enlightenment.
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